Content For Coaches Spotlight: Michael Breed

Nationwide teacher of the year for 2012? Check.

Proprietor of his own academy at one of the industry’s hottest facilities? Check.

Calls several major industry manufacturers sponsors and supporters? Check.

Host of a hit television show on the industry’s dominant channel? Check.

How would you like to call these your own accomplishments? Believe it or not, you can. All you have to do is follow the hard work, trajectory and mantra of leading golf instructor Michael Breed.

In Breed’s own words: “Let’s do this!”

Look anywhere in the golf industry and Michael Breed is there. Whether it’s hosting his own show or being a featured guest on Golf Channel, leading a large speaking engagement at the annual PGA Merchandise Show or working hard at his day job as one of the game’s best instructors, Breed is arguably the hardest working man in golf.

The Golf Fix from Michael Breed on Vimeo.

In addition to that hard-work and can-do attitude, Breed has done a masterful job branding himself through the use of many — if not all — mediums. Let’s dive into his reach online and via social media:

  • Twitter: With more than 32,000 followers, Breed focuses a lot of his effort on Twitter. During PGA Tour events, he takes part in the ongoing discussion in real-time. During “down times” in the industry, Breed creates the discussion and interacts with other key influencers across the game. He has also done a good amount of live streaming through Twitter’s Periscope app.

  • Facebook: Breed keeps much of his Facebook activity tied to his teaching, offering shots and posts about his lessons, students and the trends that lie between them. Additionally, he’ll use the platform’s capabilities to showcase clips from his show on Golf Channel, “The Golf Fix.” He has 5,500 targeted followers.
  • Instagram: With just over 1,300 followers, Breed’s Instagram presence is growing. He manages it similarly to his Facebook page with a focus on promoting his instruction work.
  • Website: Michael has a great personal website, which showcases his entire catalog of ongoing work. His Golf Channel show is featured prominently with additional interior pages dedicated to each line of business for himself. He even has a “Shop” page! Perhaps the most important piece to his website, though, is the email opt-in box on the bottom of the homepage.
  • Email: I love Breed’s focus on email capture. Any visitor to the homepage of is prompted (unobtrusively, mind you) to subscribe to his mailing list. Email capture is an incredible way to grow your reach organically. The value of an email address is incredible when your goal is to sell them your products and/or services. Breed does this well. He utilizes Mailchimp for his email marketing, which is free for users up to a certain amount of contacts.
    Email Opt In
  • Blog: This is my one grip with Breed’s online presence — he doesn’t have one! I suppose this is due to his workload, affiliation with Golf Channel, which also offers a large catalog of digital content or a combination of the two. On the other hand, I’m not so sure Breed needs a personal blog. The point of the blog for most of us is to attract readers, from which we build an audience to engage. Breed is already doing this through his other efforts. That said, I’d certainly suggest a blog be a focal point to your website and a big starting point for your “amplification” efforts.
  • Partnerships: Ask anyone in the golf industry and they know who Michael Breed is — but it wasn’t always that way. Always a high-quality instructor, Breed used his skills and key relationships to get where he currently is and will surely go. My suggestion for your efforts would be to smartly build on the relationships you have and use key influencers online to grow your reach. Heck, are you in the golf industry? Who better to build an online relationship with than Michael Breed, himself?

Key Takeaways

Email, Email, Email: I can’t say it enough. You need to get contacts into your ecosystem. They convert better than any other medium and will serve as a major asset for you. Focus your early and ongoing efforts on list building and life will be good!

Social Interaction: Don’t just sign up for Twitter and follow folks. Interact. Breed does a masterful job of this. Use the platform for what it was made for: original takes in microformat. Be the expert your followers (and the followers of your followers) are looking for.

Divide & Conquer: So, you’re looking at all the things Michael Breed does and you’re getting overwhelmed. It’s ok, I get it. The point of this examination isn’t to overwhelm or scare you out of your efforts. Even Breed had to start somewhere. Heck, he’s even still taking baby steps with certain efforts (Instagram, SnapChat, his personal blog). The takeaway I want to leave you with most is that you can iterate along the way and focus your efforts on the mediums that are working best for you. Simply put, all you have to do is start.