Best Content Marketing: Zillow Porchlight

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Zillow, for many of us, is an app. It’s an app we turn to when we’re either actively looking for a house or simply want to dream about what could be for our families and friends.

For those of us in the content marketing space, though, Zillow — or more specifically, its Porchlight Blog — should be considered a shining example of how to do things right.

Zillow launched its blog nearly around the same time it gained traction online. In the early years, though, it was a classic corporate blog. As time went by and content efforts began to get formalized across various industries, though, Zillow began to take things seriously. It started with the hiring of an editor-in-chief and has since blossomed into a high-operating newsroom with an all-star team under the name of Zillow Porchlight.


What Makes It Stand Out?

The Porchlight Blog helps Zillow inbound new users and maintain its high authority in the real estate space by offering a wide range of content, including tips and advice for buyers, interior and exterior design, home improvement and celebrity real estate coverage.

This breadth of content is exactly why Zillow has become a go-to source of information for home shoppers whether they’re actively looking for a new home or not.

What Can You Emulate?

While only the lucky can have Zillow’s budget and reach, any and all marketing teams can take some tips and inspiration from the way Zillow has built its team. In a recent interview with Newscred, Zillow’s Senior Managing Editor Jessica Rourk broke down her team’s hierarchy and organizational philosophy.

Zillow’s hierarchy is broken down like this:


Managing Editor

Deputy Editor

Staff Writer ↔ Staff Writer ↔ Editorial Project Manager

As you can gleam, it’s quite clear that Zillow treats its content marketing team like a news organization. This is clear in the quality, volume and overall consistency of its content.

For all organizations hoping to use content to market their products, services or business, structuring it and treating it like a newsroom is crucial towards building a winning foundation.

Action Items & Takeaways

Hope to structure your content efforts similarly to Zillow’s? Whether you’re just starting out or are tweaking your ongoing efforts, you need a strategy. This higher power informs every decision you make — from hiring to content to promotion.

Another piece to the Zillow puzzle is its consistency. The team wants to produce a certain amount of high-quality posts each week and works to do that, day in and day out. Consistency is sticking to the strategy. With these two pieces, your puzzle will be finished in no time.

As you begin (or continue) your content efforts, remember that we can help with that strategy and ensure it is executed with efficiency and consistency. Learn more about our services and contact us to get started!