About Me

Ben Larsen of Content Game Plan

Hello and thanks so much for visiting Content Game Plan.

My name is Ben Larsen and I run the community behind Content Game Plan. I truly hope you enjoy your visit.

Sports have been an enormous part of my life. Whether playing, covering or coaching, sports have always been a part of me. Much of that passion and enjoyment has come from the help of great coaches and instructors.

I launched Content Game Plan with the idea that content can help coaches and instructors grow their reach and amplify the impact they make on players through the use of content. My goal is to provide coaches and instructors just like you with the tools you need to grow your personal networks, fill up your appointment calendars and change your students’ worlds.

As a baseball coach and instructor, myself, the opportunity to make a positive impact drives me on a daily basis. I’ve found that most other coaches are too busy or simply don’t have the skill set needed to grow their networks online and deliver game-changing content for the betterment of their businesses. That’s where Content Game Plan comes in. I’m excited and proud to impart to you the wisdom and expertise gained throughout my extensive coaching career and my 12-plus years in the sports media and marketing industries.

With Content Game Plan, you’ll learn how to get your coaching or instructing business over the hump, put together your game plan and start winning with content.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I always appreciate the feedback! Thanks so much again for visiting. I look forward to serving you.